Craig Wright is not the inventor of bitcoin, a UK magistrate rules.

Craig Wright is not the inventor of bitcoin, a UK magistrate rules.

A judge at London’s High Court ruled on Thursday that an Australian computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of bitcoin is not “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the fictitious creator of the cryptocurrency.

Craig Wright has maintained for an extended period of time that he authored a white paper published under the alias “Bitcoin’s foundational text” in 2008.

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Wright was sued by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) in an effort to prevent him from challenging bitcoin developers, seeking a ruling that he was not Satoshi.

Judge James Mellor ruled that Wright did not qualify as Satoshi on Thursday, adding that he would provide a complete explanation of his reasoning at a later time.

COPA, whose membership includes the payments firm founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Block, had previously stated that it was filing the suit to protect the open-source nature of bitcoin.

Thursday, following the announcement of Mellor’s verdict, Dorsey published a judge’s remark accompanied by the letter “W.”

Wright denied the charge that COPA had repeatedly forged documents to support his claim, including during the trial itself, in his testimony.

Wright’s claim, according to the defense’s attorney, Jonathan Hough, was “a flagrant lie, an elaborate false narrative supported by industrial-scale forgery” at the onset of the trial in February.

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Hough stated that “certain aspects of Dr. Wright’s behavior border on absurdity,” citing his purported utilization of ChatGPT to generate counterfeit documents.

However, he continued, “Dr. Wright’s behavior is also fatally serious.” He has filed claims against numerous private individuals, among others, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, on the basis of his dishonest assertion that he is Satoshi.

Conversely, Wright’s attorneys contended in court documents that he had furnished “unmistakable proof of his authorship of the white paper and inception of bitcoin.”


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