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Privacy forms the foundation of our freedom!

Privacy is the fundamental basis of our freedom—a free and open society cannot exist without a strong foundation of privacy! Control over the use and disclosure of your personal information is crucial for maintaining privacy. Someone else may have custody and control of your personal information (government or private sector), but it does not belong to them; it belongs to you, the data subject, to whom the information pertains. However, a rising number of individuals are questioning whether public and private businesses can be trusted to safeguard your data and privacy while enabling you to retain control over your personal information.

Every individual possesses a secret. It does not necessarily imply that you are committing crimes. Those who claim it does not matter that the NSA reads their every word are devoid of imagination.
Large organizations on the Internet are monitoring you. To safeguard your online privacy and security, serves as your central resource.

Big Brother is watching you

Privacy and secrecy are not to be confused. You close the door despite the fact that we are aware of what occurs in the bedroom. This is due to your preference for privacy over secrecy. Each individual has something to safeguard. Humans possess an inherent right to privacy.

Nothing to conceal is an unfinished sentence. Who has nothing to conceal? Don’t you wish to conceal your banking information from fraudsters and swindling artists? Defend your identity against identity fraudsters. Protect your location from intruders, your vehicle keys from car criminals, or your blood type from affluent gangsters who suffer from renal problems. You must undoubtedly wish to shield your children from predators and perpetrators.

The identities of these entities remain unknown to us. Therefore, we should take precautions against each one; in essence, we have everything to conceal from someone, even if we are unaware of who that person is.

Google and Facebook, like the government and police, consist of numerous individuals.

It is impracticable, costly, and tiresome to attempt to secure all of your data from everyone at all times. But not to fear! Proactive planning allows you to tailor the security process to your needs. Security encompasses more than the mere utilization of tools or the installation of software. Instead, the initial step is to comprehend the distinct risks that you encounter and devise strategies to alleviate them.

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