A futuristic digital illustration of a woman holding a tablet, representing Apple, with a red "X" over the European Union symbol. The tablet screen displays a message in bold letters saying, "Apple will not update third-party applications if customers leave the EU." Behind her, a cityscape with a mix of modern and vintage buildings creates a dystopian atmosphere. The overall tone is cautionary and thought-provoking, urging viewers to consider the potential consequences of such a situation.

Apple will not update third-party applications if customers leave the EU.

iPhone owners who leave the EU for more than 30 days will not see their third-party applications updated until they return.

Apple’s most recent update provides further information concerning the highly anticipated usage of third-party applications on iPhone devices. The business has traditionally restricted consumers from installing programs from third-party app stores. However, Apple was required to allow such access to European customers once the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) went into effect.

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Apple has said that only EU customers would be able to enjoy the new capabilities. According to the firm, customers who leave the bloc may continue to use the previously installed alternative marketplace, but the applications will no longer be updated after 30 days.

“However, you must be in the European Union to install alternative app marketplaces and new apps from alternative app marketplaces,” the company’s help website says.

The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is one of the most extensive legislative acts aimed at reining in so-called Big Tech, and it is anticipated to change the global technology sector after decades of unrestrained expansion.

The DMA debuted with a focus on six big internet companies: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and TikTok owner ByteDance. If any of the six internet behemoths do not follow the regulations, they might face penalties of up to 10% of their worldwide revenue.

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According to Reuters, Apple is the most impacted by the DMA, which requires the iPhone manufacturer to open up its closed environment by enabling software developers to offer their products to people in the European Union outside of its own App Store.


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