A clone of Dogecoiner facilitated the Bitcoin Ordinals 'Runestone' airdrop.

A clone of Dogecoiner facilitated the Bitcoin Ordinals ‘Runestone’ airdrop.

The Doginal-based Runestones, similar to their Bitcoin Ordinals counterpart, were distributed without charge.

Inspired by last month’s nonfungible token (NFT)-like distribution via Bitcoin Ordinals, Dogecoin blockchain natives have just finished distributing their own “Runestone” airdrop.

In Europe, forthcoming DeFi regulations may prohibit non-decentralized protocols.

Robo AI organized the airdrop, which concluded on April 2. Robo AI distributed 30,272 “Doge Runestone” Doginals, the Dogecoin term for its Ordinals, to wallets that contained at least one Doginal from a catalog of collections.

According to data from the Ordinals Wallet marketplace, the Doge Runestones are currently trading at a floor price of 185 Dogecoin DOGE $0.17, which is equivalent to approximately $32. Additionally, the 24-hour volume for these runestones is just over $2,000.

The Bitcoin Ordinals community organized the Runestone airdrop, which distributed more than 112,000 Runestones to early adopters of the protocol.

Bitcoin Ordinals, the smallest Bitcoin unit worth $67,071, are assets that resemble non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including documents and images.

Dogecoin is capable of having ordinals because it is a fork of Bitcoin. An unidentified developer introduced Dogecoin’s Doginals protocol in February of last year, one month after the release of Bitcoin Ordinals.

Furthermore, the protocol paved the way for the possible launch of the DRC-20 token standard in early May 2023, which takes its nomenclature from Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and Bitcoin’s similar BRC-20 standard.

According to Doginal Explorer data, there are 149 Doginal collections and roughly 68,000 DRC-20 tokens, with a combined market capitalization of $120 million.

eToro is charged by the Philippine SEC with offering unregistered securities.

The 1993 shooter classic Doom also bears Doginals, which are Dogecoin identifiers. This continues the stereotype of video game porters who have attempted to run Doom on arbitrary hardware, including toothbrushes and laundry machines.

According to Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the Doge Runestone airdrop appeared to have no positive impact on DOGE, which is currently trading at $0.1718, a decrease of 2% on the day and 20% on the week.


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