Airdrop Free BAT Token

Brave is a free and open-source web browser. Brave was developed by the founder of java script and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. The browser have an advertisment and tracking blocker integrated.
Brave airdrops 25-40 BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) to the new joiners of their software. Visit their website, download the brave browser, open their browser and receive 25-40 BAT tokens. 

Brave browser

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Download the Brave Browser
  • Start the Browser and enable “Brave Rewards” .
    Hint: You can open it when you enter “brave://rewards/” in the Brave Browser.
  • Click on the BAT icon in the brave browser interface (next to the URL on the right side) – If there are tokens available to claim you will see an appropiate message.
  • Now click on “Rewards Settings” and finalize your claim. Therefore just click the “Claim” Button and complete  the captcha puzzle. Supplies are limited, if you don’t see any claim button, this would mean that all tokens are allready claimed for this period – just check later again. For a detailed video description you can check the following video.
  • The 20 BAT you have received can be used to tip someone.
    If you want to tip it to, we would really appreciate your support.
  • Now you have to register as a publisher to get your own referral link, you have to open the following page – there you should click on “Publishers” to register. You can get 5$ worth of BATs per refered user.
  • Go to “brave://rewards/” and view ads to earn free BAT tokens (coming soon).
  • You can earn more BATs by using the Brave Browser.